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Focal Aria 936 ͧ㹫 " ͧ» " lot ҡһѨغѹ CH Media ѺСѹ ѧ͡ ͵ͧ෹ .. Ӥѭ ǵ Black High Gloss finish ҡ §͹ ֡ٿ֧ ǵ͢ҧ

ҡ 159,000.- 觢¾ ҹҢͧ 89,900.- ͡ʷբͧҹʹ

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Focal Aria 936: $3999/pair $$$

This three-way, five-driver, French-made floorstander is among the first products to use Focal's new driver-cone material: a sandwich of flax and fiberglass that's said to offer low mass, high rigidity, and good self-damping properties. That material finds its way into the Aria 936's three 6.5" woofers and single 6.5" midrange driver, while its 1" dome tweeter is made of an aluminum-magnesium alloy, also new.

The 936 also has three reflex portstwo on the front, one on the bottomand a spiked plinth, the design of which contributed to easy setup work for RD, who also praised the 45"-tall Aria 936 for its "big, spacious sound" and for being "tonally neutral, with impressive dynamics, and powerful bass for the size of the speaker." RD also singled out for praise the Focal's treble range, for sounding "clean and extended but not overly bright, with no emphasis added to sibilants." At the other end, "double basses, bowed or plucked, were firm, not weak or exaggerated." RD added that, although "the Aria 936 couldn't match the startling dynamics of the horn-hybrid Avantgarde Uno Nano, it came surprisingly close." JA's measurements confirmed the 936's good sensitivity but found a wider low-impedance range than implied by its 8-ohm rating, thus indicating the need for a non-wimpy amplifier.

Otherwise, his test results confirmed the Focal's standing as "an extraordinary value." (Vol.37 No.11 WWW)
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