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"Tonally the Signature One has reasonably neutral response, anchored by a tuneful, full-bodied midrange that is rich in color and texture. It is a little forward sounding, but not aggressively so."
by Neil Gader | May 07th, 2018


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Totem Signature One . ..

ราคา 85,000.- สนใจสินค้าติดต่อที่จิรศักดิ์ 0890287117 ครับ

The Totem Acoustic Signature One has an appealing, easy-flowing musicality that retains most of the monitor-like accuracy that made the original Model 1 a respected design that endured for 30 years. Highly recommended.
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Description: Two-way, stand-mounted, reflex dynamic loudspeaker. Drive-units: 1" (25mm) aluminum-titanium dome tweeter (SEAS), 6.5" (165mm) woofer with cellulose-acrylate cone and 3" (75mm) voice-coil. Crossover frequency: 2.7kHz. Crossover slopes: quasi second-order. Frequency response: not specified. Nominal impedance: 8 ohms. Sensitivity: 87.5dB/2.83V/m. Maximum sound pressure: 103dB.
Dimensions: 13.8" (350mm) H by 7.7" (195mm) W by 10.6" (270mm) D. Weight: 19 lbs (8.6kg).
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