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Spoon (อ่าน 666 | ตอบ 3 ) (14/09/2561 15:21:26)
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Woven Kevlar Yes
Crossover Tuning Yes
Nautilus Tapering Tube Yes
Flowport Yes
Technical features Nautilus&#8482; tube loaded aluminium dome tweeterKevlar&#174; brand fibre cone bass / midrangeFlowport&#8482;
Description 2-way vented-box system
Drive units 1x &#248;25mm (1 in) aluminium dome high-frequency1x &#248;130mm (5 in) woven Kevlar&#174; cone bass / midrange
Frequency range -6dB at 45Hz and 50kHz
Frequency response 55Hz - 22kHz &#177;3dB on reference axis
Dispersion Within 2dB of reference response
Horizontal: over 60&#186; arc
Vertical: over 10&#186; arc
84dB spl (2.83V, 1m)
Harmonic distortion 2nd and 3rd harmonics (90dB, 1m)<1% 110Hz - 22kHz
Nominal impedance 8&#8486; (minimum 5.1&#8486;)
Crossover frequency 4kHz
Recommended amplifier power 30W - 100W into 8&#8486; on unclipped programme
Max. recommended cable impedance 0.1&#8486;
Height: 280mm (11 in)
Width: 165mm (6.5 in)
Depth: 276mm (10.9 in) including grille and terminals
Net weight 6.7kg (14.7 lb)
Cabinet - Real Wood Veneers Weng&#233;
Painted Finish Black
Grille Black
Gloss Black Black
Spoon (14/09/2561 15:22:52)
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ขาย 22,000

Spoon (14/09/2561 15:23:58)
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---Rega brio original---

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