สายไฟท้ายเลข 8 ( IEC C7 )
Hisago 8-Figure Power Cord / Made in Japan
2.0 Sqm. OFC 1.5 M


2,500 บาท
EMS : Bht 70

Line หรือ โทร : 086 588 4290
goodcat (อ่าน 122 | ตอบ 1 ) (28/11/2561 09:36:03)
ความคิดเห็นที่ 1
" We then power both the McIntosh pre and power from the P10, using Nordost Vishnu power cord to preamp and Hisago power cord for the power amp. Well, our jar drop, everything start fall into place, the 3d sound stage, the sweet high and mid range vocal and well control bass note. The system sound now is well balance across the freq spectrum and very musical. This is how a high end Hifi system should sound like! It is very comfortable to listen to at the same time all the high frequency detail is there and system is very quiet with dark black ground."
goodcat (28/11/2561 09:36:36)