ѺҤҢ Accustic Arts Player 1 Mk4 : CD player + DAC ش Ҿҧ
شʹ CD Player Accustic Arts (New) Player 1 Mk4 1 ա Ҿҧ ó 100% ͧ úǹ Ңͧͧ ҹ ˹
CD player 蹹Ҿѧ DAC ö͡Ѻػó¹͡ҷ notebook digital file player Ͷʹ Player 1 Mk4 ͧ CD ѹѺͧǧ ´§ դͧ蹷ҡ Ƿպҡ§ԧդ繴٧
Ңͧͨҡҹ᷹˹·ժ§ Ҥ 1 370,000 ͢· 179,500 ҷ
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CD PLAYER I highlights
Premium CD player and high quality D/A converter in one unit
High precision 24 bit/192 kHz upsampling technology
High end tray loading CD drive mechanism (vibration de-coupled), which has exclusively been designed for audio applications
Damped, high quality drawer made of aluminium-ABS-compound guided with two metal bearings
Separate D/A conversion function with 2 digital inputs: 1 x coaxial (RCA) and 1 x USB 2.0 (24/192 asynchronous)
Playback of different hi-res audio formats (WAV, FLAC, ALAC etc.) up to 24/192 from PC or laptop via USB interface; USB drivers for Windows® and Mac OS X® are included
Playback of hi-res DSD audio files
4 separate, generously dimensioned power supply units for laser control, digital signal processing, display control and D/A converter section
Very high power supply capacity
Magnetically shielded. encapsulated 75 VA toroidal core transformer of premium quality (Made in Germany) for high output reserves
Spatial separation of analog and digital section within the D/A converter for best possible signal-to-noise ratio
Resonance minimising metal housing
Front panel made of finely brushed aluminium; tray cover made of massive and chromed brass
ACCUSTIC ARTS® system remote control
ACCUSTIC ARTS® PLAYER I is Handmade in Germany
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