เทปคาสเซ็ท MAXELL XLS-II 60 Made In japan (ใหม่-ซีล)
ขาย (Classic & Vintage 1982-1984) เทปคาสเซ็ท MAXELL XLS-II 60 Made In japan (ใหม่-ซีล) Type II/Chrome

Maxell XLII-S
- XLII-S promises clear, true-to-life sound that's overwhelmingly vivid and almost equal to
digital audio reproduction. It enjoys a wide dynamic range and excellent frequency
response, extended to very high frequencies, to deliver the best possible performance
available in the high (CrO2) position.
- The Super Fine Epitaxial magnetic particle, which is only 0.25 ?m long, couples with an
FC coating to add up to superior noise reduction and improved output.
- Compared to the XLII, the MOL and output are increased by 1 dB over the entire
frequency range, while noise is reduced by 0.5 dB, thus realizing a much wider dynamic
range. By means of 70 ?s playback EQ the deck's high position provides excellent low
noise benefit.
- XLII-S draws new reality from high position recording. The true sound of strings, piano
solo etc., can be distinguished clearly. XLII-S creates an astonishingly clear, realistic
sound image in high position tape.
- Because of its wide bias latitude, XLII-S is unaffected by small changes in bias. It
delivers optimum performance with any deck.
- XLII-S is housed in the PA (Phase Accuracy) cassette shell, which virtually eliminates
phase difference. And the two-piece hub with high cylindrical precision greatly improves
tape durability as well as the phase characteristics.
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