෻ TDK SA90 Made In USA (-)
෻ TDK SA90 Made In USA Type II/CrO2 (Classic & Vintage 1982-1984 -)


- State-of-the-art Super Avilyn high bias formulation. Delivers unsurpassed performance. High MOL and wide dynamic range.
- SAs advanced cobalt-adsorbed gamma-ferric oxide particle formulation made it the first non-chrome high bias cassette.
- High fidelity cassette tape takes a big step nearer perfection with TDKs revolutionary new Super Avilyn (SA).
- The special ultra-refined Super Avilyn magnetic particle can be more densely and evenly packed onto the tape surface for an improved power-packed performance on any cassette deck with high bias (Type II) position.
- Its wider frequency range, lower noise levels and greater maximum output are all achieved with no more head wear than that of normal ferric oxide tape and drastically less than that of CrO2.
- Super Avilyn has excellent response in the low and middle frequencies and equals the response of chrome tapes in the high frequencies.
- It is compatible with all high quality tape machines currently available; where these are fitted with a chrome bias switch, it should be used for optimum results.
- SA is also housed in an improved Laboratory Standard Cassette Mechanism; many parts of this super-precision mechanism, such as its double hub clamp and bubble liner sheet have yet to be equalled.
- This improvement has created a highly precise and stronger mechanism, which effectively reduces any structural warpage and virtually eliminates wow and flutter.
- Tape to head alignment is also improved, so tape transport is smoother.
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