เข้าใหม่ สายลำโพงที่ได้ฟังแล้วจะว้าว .. Acoustic Revive SPC-Reference II TripleC - Speaker Cable
Acoustic Revive SPC-Reference II TripleC - Speaker Cable

PC-tripleC conductor, single line of superiority
- Realization air insulation structure, the Teflon insulated by ultra-high CP price
- Copper foil shield, tourmaline impregnated sheath to prevent external noise

A world first ! By using traditional Japanese forging processes, a new ‘ultimate’ conductor has been produced.

Forging process
Copper is compressed to 70% by forging tens of thousands of times by gradual application of pressure with a fixed angle and direction. (The constant angle continuation transfer forging method). By using this forging process, the transverse crystal grain boundary changes and becomes more longitudinal, crystals now have consecutive connections which makes current flow extremely smooth.

In addition, by forging, the conductor density is dramatically improved by destroying the internal air grains. This, in turn, improves the conductivity and the acoustic signature of the copper.
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Annealing process after core-wire processing
PC-TripleC wire after "Continuous Crystal Construction" process is further processed by Transfer Forging method for thinner wire.Then Annealing process is carried out under a temperature and time control depending on a thickness of the wire.In result, crystals fuse each other and change into more consecutive crystal.
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A wonderful improvement of the sound quality as if the audio system was changed, realizing a super high S/N ratio and a dramatic improvement in sound quality without sacrificing any sound and musical elements of the master sound source.
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สายประกอบสำเร็จความยาว 7ft. / pair เข้าหัวบานานาหรือหางปลา Z Single Wire )

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